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FTP - 3/1 Redistricting Hearing Results and What Happens Next

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Missouri Redistricting Hearings Move Forward

The Congressional Redistricting Committee hearing from the Missouri House this past Tuesday night saw over 90 patriots leaving work early and fighting traffic to get there in time. Everyone deserves thanks for participating including all the committee members, many who came from far away. Folks came to participate from Kansas City south and north of the river, Lee's Summit, Grain Valley, Grandview, Independence, Lone Jack, Blue Springs, Raytown, and Greenwood. Cass, Clay, Lafayette and Johnson counties were well represented. The audience was enthusiastic and those giving testimony well prepared and cogent. Well over 30 testified.

Overwhelmingly, the sentiment was to have all of Jackson County in the 5th instead of divided into 2 or 3 Congressional Districts. There were only 4 dissenters from Jackson and even they weren't so much opposed to having Jackson together as wanting to keep Sam Graves as their rep – can't blame them, he is a good one. Several Graves constituents from both Jackson and Clay counties and several Hartzler constituents in both Jackson and Cass who made the case for having all of Jackson in the 5th even though some of those in Jackson and Clay risk having Cleaver as their Representative if the 2012 elections don't go as preferred. Remember, ALL districts in Missouri are undergoing a great deal of change in their boundries.

Our last issue about the redistricting hearings has lead some of you to write back asking for additional info and to give your opinions on the matter. Some Northland residents have submitted to us complaints that they do not under any circumstances want to be part of the 5th district. This may be a completely understandable viscerial reaction to Emmanual Cleaver, but please note that while the proposed redraw involving only southern Clay county (and all of Jackson) would still lean Democrat, if this proposal is the one ultimately adopted the 5th could conceivably shift to more conservative representation as early as 2012. It's also very important to note that the redraw doesn't take effect until January of 2013, so Cleaver, or another like him, may not even need to be endured by Northlanders. It will take work on all our parts to make that happen, but a conservative held 5th would be good for Kansas City, the state of Missouri and our nation as a whole.

Please check out what is currently on the drawing board. This link includes a stark visual representation of what we are trying so hard to keep from happening. It creates an even stronger 5th district for liberals by cherry picking half of Clay AND extreme southern Platte counties. Does this look like a workable situation to you?

The reality is no matter what district you would end up in, having a super safe Cleaver district affects everyone because he will be working and voting on legislation that affects all patriots. We have to realize this isn't about what district our own home is in, this is about what is in the best interest of our nation for the next decade and having Cleaver, whether he politically survives or not, in a super safe district where he can continue to ignore almost all his constituents is not it.

Rural vs. Urban: Different needs, different districts

The folks from Lafayette, Cass, and Johnson made compelling cases for why their rural counties should not be paired with the urban, suburban, and industrial dominated Jackson County in the 5th. They have a point and, by doing so, they also made the case why Jackson is different from almost every single county that makes up the 4th and 6th Districts. The only one which is similar is Clay which is why many, many of those testifying all of Jackson County belongs in the 5th also testified that the best pairing for the last ~76k citizens needed to complete the 5th District would be as many of the areas of Kansas City north of river starting from the south end of Clay County and moving north as far as needed to include the approximately 76k residents needed.

Having all of Jackson and part of Clay in the 5th would not change the 5th District politically; it would still lean Democrat. What it does do is ensure that any incumbent who gets too far from what the people want, (think Ike Skelton and Dennis Moore), or when the seat becomes open sometime in the next 10 years there is a fighting chance for the district to go Republican.

Politics... as usual

It is the people who put the Republicans overwhelmingly in charge of the Missouri State House and State Senate. The political class, including some within our Republican Congressional delegation, want to 'cut a deal' in giving Cleaver a challenger proof district and draw a district that does not make sense geographically or with Communities of Interest. As one young tea party patriot testified, 'Elections have consequences'. We did not work so hard and long so the folks we sent to DC or Jefferson City would protect Cleaver. The arguments for doing so sound good but are just words and do not hold water. The powerful are doing horse trading at our expense and will use any argument however thin to build their case.

Why would any of our Republican Congressmen or Congresswomen agree to give away the 5th District forever to a voice for every Progressive issue they purport to oppose – Obamacare, deficit spending, debt for our grandkids, government picking winners and losers, taxpayer funded abortion, and any number of other issues? Why? Ask your Representatives and encourage them to stand up for what is right. There are some who already agree while others are fighting tooth and nail to protect Cleaver.

It is time for all Patriots across the state of Missouri to lend aid.

If you know folks both locally and across the state, we need them to testify when the committees are in their area. Please forward this email or ask them to logon to to find location information and the details on redistricting they need to know. In addition to any arguments they make for their own districts, they need to mention making Jackson County whole. If they cannot make a hearing we need them to email their own State Senator and State Representative. Emailing the committee members would not be a bad idea either. Links provided below.

When these committees start hearing about Jackson County wherever they go they will know the Tea Party and the conservative ascendancy wasn't just about elections, it is about what happens between elections. Because it is once a decade and the results filter through all levels of representation, Congressional redistricting is the single most important consequence of the 2010 elections. Redistricting is moving at a lightning pace and there is only two weeks left to make our voices heard.

Now is the time to get involved or the political class jams Cleaver and his fellow Progressives down our throats for at least the next 10 years.

Looking at the current proposal (Cook Political link above), keep in mind eastern Jackson could go to either Vicky or Sam. They are good people so please encourage both of them in a friendly way to do the right thing. Vicky's district is already super safe Republican and Sam's will get closer to that level as he picks up the north eastern tier of Missouri and if the southern portion of Clay is moved to the 5th.

Please let the committee and your Representatives know how you feel by using the links provided below.

Don't let any Dems fool you. It is not gerrymandering - there just are not enough Democrat votes in the middle of Missouri to get anywhere close to a competitive district for either the 4th or 6th so keep in touch with both Vicky and Sam on a regular basis to help them stay in touch. Sam works hard to do so and Vicky impressively hit the ground running to make that happen. If you can't have a competitive district the next best thing is a Representative who really listens. Let them hear you on bringing Jackson County together into the 5th where it geographically and culturally belongs.

Here is the link to find the email for your State Representative

Here is the link to find the email for your State Senator

Here is the link for the Missouri House Special Standing Committee on Redistricting

Here is the link for the Senate Select Committee on Redistricting

Hearing dates and locations for House Committee

Date: Thursday, March 03, 2011

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Three Rivers Community College, Westover Buidling A201, 202,203; Poplar Bluff 63901

Public Testimony on establishing new Congressional District boundaries

Date: Friday, March 04, 2011

Time: 2:00 PM

Location: St Louis County Administration Building, Council Chambers; 41 South Central, Clayton 63105

Public Testimony on establishing new Congressional district boundaries

Hearing Dates and Locations for Senate Committee

Committee: Redistricting, Senator Scott Rupp, Chairman

Date: Friday, March 4

Time: 10:00am

Room: Emerson Performance Center, Harris-Stowe University

Public Testimony

Harris-Stowe University
Emerson Performance Center
3026 Laclede Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Committee: Redistricting, Senator Scott Rupp, Chairman

Date: Monday, March 7

Time: 11:30am

Room: Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, Chillicothe, Mo

Public Testimony

Econo Lodge Inn & Suites
1020 South Washington
Chillicothe, MO 64601

Committee: Redistricting, Senator Scott Rupp, Chairman

Date: Tuesday, March 8

Time: 5:00pm

Room: State Capitol Building ; Senate Lounge

Public Testimony

Committee: Redistricting, Senator Scott Rupp, Chairman

Date: Friday, March 11

Time: 12:30pm

Room: UMKC
5000 Holmes Rd
University Center Room 106,
Kansas City, MO 64110

Public Testimony


Fun with the Census

Redistricting in Missouri is occuring because of a loss of one seat in the US House of Representatives. Follow this link and click on Missouri on the map to see, county by county, how our population shakes out.

Additional in-depth data on voting blocks, cities, etc. can be found through American Factfinder.

Thank you.

Your participation, forwarding of our emails, and feedback are deeply appreciated!

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