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FTP - Please HELP pass SB 113 ! Survey inside!

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It's NOT About Puppies...

I know you're sick of hearing about "the puppy mill thing," but it's important, so please bear with me. We can still fix this, but we need a little help.

by Deanna Henry
If you were reading FTP and other publications like it during last fall's election season, you're aware of the deceptive tactics used by the Human Society of the United States in the promotion and eventual passage of Prop B aka the "puppy mill bill."  For those who missed our reports I'll include additional information on the HSUS below. Just for the record, I myself nor anyone associated with FTP, supports "puppy mills." It is an abhorrent practice that is an embarrassment to our beautiful state. However, any and all laws pertaining to animal enterprises need to be fair, equitable, and without interferance from any special interest group. Anything less is an even bigger embarrassment.

Missouri District 28 State Senator Mike Parson introduced SB113 which modifies the Animal Care Facilities Act and the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act in an effort to provide some amount of protection for good breeders, farmers and others in agricultural and animal based businesses that the groundwork laid by Prop B can be used to disrupt or destroy. Thankfully, this bill HAS passed the Senate and is now in the House.

Unfortunately, some of our well-intentioned legislators have
  1. failed to understand the true purpose and meaning of the original Prop B initiative
  2. caving in to pressure being applied by the HSUS, the president of which, Wayne Pacelle, visited Jefferson City several times during this session in an attempt to apply that pressure personally OR
  3. are concerned about media and public backlash.

Conversations with various legislators have led myself and other contributors to understand that our representatives are very concerned with being seen as going against the will of the people in changing or overturning the law. The concern seems to revolve primarily around how the media will report on the action. It's a legitimate concern given the state of our media. However, having the political backbone to do the right thing regardless of the personal fallout is, I believe, what people in this country are looking for in their leadership. We at FTP step out and proclaim our beliefs frequently and we take flak from the readership at times, but we don't stand down when we think we're right and neither should our representatives.

When courts overturn ballot box results it is widley considered judicial activism and is generally frowned upon by conservatives. Rightly so. The same bad taste can happen when state legislatures attempt the same type of action. However there is a sound argument that by identifying problems and seeking legal and often material remedies, legislatures are activist by their very nature. Therefore, when a legislature attempts to overturn or alter voter approved statutes because deception or fraud is suspected it is a correct action. A very correct action. It is my opinion that when any special interest group, no matter their ideology, launches a campaign to create changes in Missouri law and uses deceptive or fraudulent tactics to gain victory, it is not just the right of the legislature, it is their duty to take remedial action.

Show Me The Money

Originally Prop B, the poorly named Puppy Mill Prevention and Cruelty Act, did not call for any funding from the state. Ask yourself what the purpose of such a law could be when there is not one thin dime provided for enforcement? How does that work exactly?  Is there something else intended? Introduced by District 85 Representative Cloria Brown,  HB 746 calls for the inclusion of a check off box on tax forms and the ability to send additional funds via check for specific use to fund the law's provisions. Prop B did not call for funding on its own, but the inclusion on this companion legislation could potentially raise the funds needed to harrass breeders both good AND bad.

How YOU can help!

SB113 has already passed the Senate, though the emergency clause failed, and is now moving into the House for consideration. I was told late last week that the House may not have the votes for passage of SB 113. Why? Because they haven't heard much about this side of the issue from voters.

We MUST change that this week.

Please contact the Representatives
as soon as possible. The session resumes today, Monday 3/28.  If possible, contacting multiple Reps, especially those in urban areas, is crucial and especially helpful.

Use the poll , no matter your opinion. A letter is being drafted stating opposition to the original wording and intent of Prop B,  the furure use of Prop B as a springboard to regulate other animal enterprises, the HSUS using Missouri's ballot initiative process in a blatant attempt to disrupt and destroy Missouri agriculture based business, and stressing support of SB113. These poll results will be included. If you wish to submit testimony to be included with the letter, please email it to us ASAP or use the provided text box in the poll itself.

What's so bad about the HSUS?

This is NOT the Humane Society running your local animal shelter! As you will see in the video in the sidebar, the HSUS does not run ANY shelters themselves at all and, in fact, sends less that 1% of all those millions they've raised with their designed-to-guilt-trip commercials is actually sent to shelters! So much for being dog's best friend!

The Humane Society of the United States is a far-left special interest group hell bent on their vision of making each and every one of us a vegan. Don't believe it? Virtually ALL of the top leadership in the HSUS came from PETA.

Last fall we ran a series written by Nancy Kraus Womack detailing the HSUS and their grand ideas. Those articles are available at these links.

Part 1: World's Collide Or The Futile Effort to Have a Reasonable Argument With The Animals Rights Proponents


Prop B - Part II: The Money Trail, The Players and Their Strategies

Another GREAT resource on the HSUS truth can be found at

 Thank you for your help on this issue and thank you so much for all the forwarding you do of these newsletters! It's appreciated more than you know!

Short Notice!

After reading today's article, take the survey below so we can let the Missouri legislature know the results ASAP!

We need YOUR feedback!

A Missouri farming advocacy group has released this hard hitting video exposing the HSUS!
Short and to the point.


MoFed has been on the ball during the Prop B battle. Please visit their site for additional, in-depth information.

Recently, MoFed sent this letter to their membership and associates to keep them up to date with Prop B. Included with the letter were documents designed to allow breeders and other animal enterprise owners to help in this fight. They are quite instructive and I encourage you to read them and forward the information on to anyone you know that has an animal enterprise.

Notice to the FBI of Alleged Violation of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Affidavit requesting that the USDA reverse its decision or be enjoined from releasing private financial, personal, privledged information about animal enterprises to the HSUS.

Interim Guidance to breeders and animal enterprise owners on using the above documents. 

Did you realize how narrow the margin was for Prop B passage?

Prop B passed with only 51.6% of the vote. If only we'd had another week of getting the word out, the HSUS would have been shown the door in Missouri!

Interactive map.

Park Hill School Board Candidate Forum

Tuesday, March 29th, 6PM, Room 110 at the PH District Office, 7703 NW Barry Road

Naturally, FTP has something to say about it. We'd like to take a moment to introduce you to our picks. This document gives good reasons as to why David Cox, Timothy Thompson, and Chris Seufert should be elected to the Park Hill School Board.

Each one of these gentlemen wants to make a difference in our world and the education of our children is a wonderful place to start. Each belive that fiscal responsibility is of the utmost importance and that the single most important item for the  academic achievement of our children is attracting and retaining top quality teachers. This seems to be in direct opposition to current leadership who apparently think that spending millions of extra tax dollars on having the "greenest" possible elemenary school is a top priority.

If you live in the Park Hill School District, please consider voting for these three candidates on April 5th.

Don't live in the PHSD, but know someone who does? Please forward this information on. Thanks.

Calling Clay County!

Did you know you have an amazing new resource for finding out THE TRUTH about what is happening in your community?

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And don't forget that Political Meanderings in Clay County provides fresh insight to the news of the day!

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